Affiliate Programs

Is it possible to make money on affiliate marketing?

Is it possible to make money on affiliate marketing?

What is the essence of affiliate marketing?

This is one of the marketing tools, where the affiliate product is advertised or sold at the specified link. This allows the seller to tell more about their product to more users., and customers, in turn, get more information about the product. If someone clicks on the link and takes the product, you get a percentage.

What to do next?

There are several ways to become a marketing partner.

The main way is to create a website or blog.

The second way is social networks.

Social networks increase brand awareness and covers users who may be interested in this product. And the last one is the mailing list.

One way or another, you will need your blog or a ready-made website, or a wide audience on social networks, or a list of addresses for email distribution. Next you need to register on the platform.

There are two options for working with affiliate platforms. There are those that act as intermediaries between companies. and those who want to promote their own proposals. When registering, each of them has its own criteria.

Straight Talk affiliate program

Some are targeted to websites and require a certain number of visitors to your resource before you can get approval, others must prove that you are promoting their products, and others are very open to other distribution approaches.

Once approved, they will provide you with specific product links or a system for adding links to your products. The rules of work differ among different partners. “When people click on links, depending on the platform, you may be credited as a “sale”, or you will have to wait until the product is purchased.” Each platform has a different commission structure, which can be in the range of two percent to fifty.

How much can you get?

If you have low fame on the blog or channel, you can count on about a hundred dollars. If your site or blog is successful, you can earn up to two thousand dollars on it. Percentage payment for each partner is carried out on time indicated by him, additional conditions are also possible. Some pay immediately, while others can send a percentage in 2 months.

Where to look for partners for links?

To work on the Internet, look for information there. There are many services and articles. There you can read reviews.

In order to better understand how it works, subscribe to thematic resources or take a training course. Do not be passive! Look for options wherever possible.