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Exactly About Virginity Or Death For Afghan Brides

Exactly About Virginity Or Death For Afghan Brides

Long-standing tradition holds that being fully a virgin is necessary for brides in Afghanistan, and are anticipated to prove it.

One Afghan girl, talking to RFE/RL’s broadcast complimentary Afghanistan on condition of privacy, claims it’s still customary in a few aspects of the united states for in-laws to test for bloodstream spots the morning after a marriage as evidence of the bride’s virginity.

Also being accused of experiencing intercourse outside wedding might have consequences that are dire. Disgraced families have now been proven to need that their “damaged” daughter-in-law be exchanged on her behalf sis. Nonvirgins could be imprisoned in Afghanistan for adultery. And you can find horrific stories of punishment, or even worse.

“In some instances, a bride’s ears and nose are take off, ” claims the woman that is afghan. “These are generally forced into dirty clothes and taken back once again to her parent’s house.