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How can menopause affect your sexual drive? Menopause & Intercourse

How can menopause affect your sexual drive? Menopause & Intercourse

The increased loss of estrogen after menopause can cause alterations in a girl’s intimate functioning. Menopausal women may realize that they’re not because easily stimulated, and may be less responsive to touching and stroking, which could lead to decreased libido. Further, the psychological modifications that often accompany menopause can add on to a female’s loss in libido and/or incapacity to be stimulated.

In addition, reduced amounts of estrogen could cause a decline in blood circulation into the vagina. This reduced the flow of blood make a difference lubrication that is vaginal inducing the vagina become slim, pale, and dry. The reduced one-third regarding the vagina can shrink, resulting in painful sexual activity.

A diminished estrogen degree isn’t the only culprit behind a decreased libido; there are many other factors that could influence a lady’s fascination with sex during menopause and after. Included in these are:

Do all menopausal females experience a decrease in sexual interest?

No. In reality, some women that are post-menopausal a rise in sexual satisfaction.