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Materials and techniques part must be detailed and clear sufficient

Materials and techniques part must be detailed and clear sufficient


This area describes exactly just how and, where relevant, if the test ended up being done. The researcher defines the experimental design, the device, ways of gathering information and sort of control. The worker describes the study area, states its location and explains when the work was done if any work was done in a natural habitat. If specimens had been collected for research, where as soon as that product was gathered are stated. The rule that is general keep in mind is that the Materials and practices area must be detailed and clear enough in order for any audience knowledgeable in fundamental medical strategies could duplicate the research if she/he wanted to do this. For examples, start to see the Appendix.


Write this section as if it had been instructions in a laboratory workout guide. Rather than composing:

First pour agar into six petri plates. Then inoculate the plates aided by the germs. Then place the plates in to the incubator . . .

Simply describe the way the test ended up being done:

Six petri plates had been ready with agar and inoculated with all the germs. The dishes had been incubated for ten hours.


The equipment utilized in the test. The materials that have been found in the investigation are simply just mentioned within the narrative whilst the procedure that is experimental described at length. If well-known practices were utilized without modifications, simply name the techniques ( ag e.g., standard microscopic techniques; standard spectrophotometric methods). If modified standard techniques had been used, explain the modifications.