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Wedding to Cuban leaves Brampton bride brokenhearted — and broke

Wedding to Cuban leaves Brampton bride brokenhearted — and broke

A year ago, she showered him and his family in Cuba with love — and gifts after Erin Standen married the man of her dreams.

The 28-year-old Brampton single mother began renovating her basement apartment for their new life in June, while waiting for the spousal sponsorship to come through in Havana.

She ripped out of the carpeting, installed tile floors, purchased a 47-inch big-screen television and place in a $4,000 room set, anticipating their arrival.

On Jan. 12, the long delay had been finally over and Jorge Manuel Batista Gonzalez, 33, reached Pearson airport terminal, embraced by the exhilarated Standen.

3 days later on, Standen claims, Gonzalez — after kissing her goodbye as she left on her waitressing work — stepped out of the home while using the garments along with other things she had purchased for him, along side $1,000 tip cash she had gathered into the bed room.

All that stayed of him, she states, had been a crumpled napkin: “Sorry we don’t dropped love anymore. Don’t lock for me personally. I’l be good. We shall you will need to spend you right straight back.